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You can rotate between portrait and landscape orientations by clicking the corresponding buttons at the bottom of the Andy window.

Likewise, there's a Fullscreen button that acts as a toggle between fullscreen and window modes. You'll also see Back, Home, and Menu buttons, which can be helpful if you encounter an app that somehow obscures those buttons within Android proper. And that's it! Now you can knock around Android, visit the Play Store, install and run apps, and so on. However, Andy offers a few other features you might want to try.

First up, there's an Andy app you can run on your smartphone or tablet that lets you control the emulator from that device.

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This might come in handy if you want to play accelerometer-controlled games, or leverage touch capabilities on a desktop that lacks a touchscreen. At press time, this remote-control app wasn't listed on the Andy website, but a company rep made it available for download via Dropbox. Note that it's an APK file, so you'll need to download it directly to your Android device, and you may need to update your settings to allow apps from unknown sources.

Once installed, just run the app. Second, if you launch the 1ClickSync app within the Andy emulator it's on the main Apps page , you can sync any and all apps you've already installed to your mobile device from the Play Store. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.

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By Rick Broida.

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On the Surface Pro 3, Andy refused to install. The installer seemed to go through the steps, including installing Oracle VirtualBox, but after the required reboot, I got an error that Windows couldn't find handyandy. Andy's support page hosted on Facebook is filled with comments from others experiencing similar problems. Multiple attempts to uninstall and reinstall Andy on the Surface failed, even after steps like using CCleaner to remove any leftover registry entries Andy might have left behind. According to the developer, your computer should be fairly new less than 2 years old , and have at least 4GB of RAM, to run smoothly.

I found that just to get the program to open without mysterious VM process errors, I often had to restart my computer and run Andy without other Windows programs running at the same time. Once you get Andy to install and open, you'll be greeted upon launching the app with the standard Android lock screen:.

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Swipe the padlock or click and drag it with your mouse , and on first launch, you'll go through the typical Android first-time setup, connecting your Google account to Andy. One of the things I like best about Andy is that, unlike other Android emulators, such as AMIDuOS, you're not forced to run the program in either full-screen mode or a fixed-size window.

You can resize the window on the fly, and the app will adjust accordingly.

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From the Andy icon in the Windows status bar, you can also set the exact resolution and DPI you want for the window. If you hover your mouse over the bottom of your screen, you'll also get some handy tools that let you switch between landscape or portrait mode and full screen or window, as well as select the microphone and camera hardware to use. Otherwise, this is your standard Android system running in Windows, with full multitouch support and sensor integration.

Andy would obviously work best with a touch-screen PC, so you can swipe, tap and tilt your screen as you would an Android tablet. If your PC doesn't have a touch screen, however, you can still do most things in Android apps with your mouse and keyboard.

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Andy includes useful keyboard shortcuts, so you can do things like hold down the Ctrl key and use your mouse's scroll wheel to zoom in and out, or use Ctrl and your keyboard arrow keys to mimic swiping. Another unique ability of Andy is it lets you use your Android phone as a remote control, mirroring the screen on Andy on your phone. This is a great benefit when you're playing games like Asphalt 8, so you can tilt your phone and use its touch screen to navigate, rather than having to tilt your entire laptop which would be unwieldy, if yours doesn't have a detachable display.

After pairing my phone with Andy, I found the remote control worked well as a handy replacement for a touch screen, except for a couple of times when the connection timed out. The next version of Andy will supposedly allow you to map keyboard keys for example, use W, A, S and D to move a car in a game.

Andy offers a few interesting additional features to integrate Android with Windows. You can launch Android apps from shortcuts in your Windows desktop, copy files between Android and Windows via a shared folder and ES File Explorer, and get push notifications from Android in Windows. It comes with a customized ADW launcher as well, so apps you install are automatically put into categorized folders on the home screen. Unfortunately, using the custom launcher means you can't use the superhelpful Google Now app, which puts Google Now cards in a new screen and shows you the weather, stock prices and websites related to your recent search results.

Saying "OK, Google" to your computer does nothing except make you think you're going crazy, and even tapping the microphone for voice commands results in a blank-screen glitch in both the Google Now launcher and Andy's custom one. Andy supposedly lets you sync both the apps and their settings on your phone to Andy using 1ClickSync, but trying to connect 1ClickSync to my Google account in Andy resulted in errors.