Mac raid 0 block size

DO NOT use any of the "green" or blue or red with yellow pokadot drives. Seagate drives seem to have a higher failure rate than WD Blacks. I have used the older gig WD Blacks in raid0. Also Like the Samsung F3 drive.

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Some advice on set-up: When you set up the raid array, DO not use the whole drive. For example 2 x 1TB drive. Create two arrays. Then create the 2nd array using the remainder of the drive this being your "data" drive - also stick your game maps here. I'd probably go with K stripe.

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Windows will treat this as 2 drives, drive 0 and drive 1. Install OS on Drive 0 after installing OS you can partition and formate drive 1 using windows disk manager. David Dutton Honorable.

RAID 0 Striping

Mar 15, 21 0 10, 1. Jun 25, 1 0 18, 0. Guys, It's not clear to me if I set the strip size of 64k I need to take care with cluster size of the same time. I have SQL in Raid 10 with strip size of 64k. Should I set the cluster size to 64k too or this is not necessary? You must log in or register to reply here. Do I need to delete the volume? Storage 4 Aug 12, Similar threads B. One drive is "disconnected or offline" Started by cheeto2 Jan 21, Replies: Not able to boot after raid0 setup as secondary drive Started by abacusitservice Jan 4, Replies: Started by koberulz Sep 28, Replies: RAID0 drive failed on boot Started by marc.

Started by yanic. Moderators online. Top Bottom. Monday at 5: One drive is "disconnected or offline". Jan 21, Not able to boot after raid0 setup as secondary drive. Jan 4, Nov 10, Sep 28, Asus Zenit Extreme. Sep 21, RAID0 drive failed on boot. Sep 18, Aug 26, Aug 22, In virtually all cases, this is bytes and is not changeable.

Although, I have seen some high-end SAN units that can alter the block size, although this technique is incompatible with all versions of Windows except Vista. Page content loaded.

How to Set the Block Size of Software RAID – Christopher Swainhart

Feb 6, 4: I mainly wanted to see how fast I could make it go. What I use it for So I'm guessing k or k, not sure.

Wooo Hoo! I know I don't need anywhere near this for what I'm doing. I backup, I'm not worried about one failing. I know you want to minimize the no. Communities Contact Support. Sign in.

Creating a software RAID-0 stripe

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RAID-0 Mac Mini Server 2011

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