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If you decide you want to downgrade from OS X Yosemite to OS X Mavericks you will need to set aside time, you will need a backup and you will need patience. It is far easier to upgrade to a new version than to downgrade. You also need to copy and save all your files from OS X Yosemite. You cannot restore a Yosemite Time Machine backup after you switch back to Mavericks. With the Time Machine drive plugged in or available on the network you will need to follow these steps to downgrade to Mavericks.

Click on your Time Machine disk and then choose the backup you want to restore to. Make sure it is one with Mavericks. You can identify this using the date you backed up and when you updated. After you choose the backup, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation and restore from backup. Without a backup you can still downgrade but you need a USB drive, you need to manually backup all of your files and it is going to take much longer. You will essentially create a clean install of OS X Mavericks and then move your files back to your computer.

Be careful using this option as updates like this can change file structures and libraries used in apps like iPhoto etc. This is a large file and may take a while to complete. You need this before you can start. After this is done do not click install on any pop up that you see. Any other Intel processor that Apple has used has a full bit architecture. In addition to fully supporting Snow Leopard, the bit processor architecture also provides direct benefits, including speed, larger RAM space, and better security.

Grand Central Dispatch allows Snow Leopard to divvy up processes across multiple processors or processor cores , which will significantly improve the performance of your Mac. Of course, in order to take advantage of this technology, your Mac must have multiple processors or processor cores. You can see how many processors or processor cores your Mac has by clicking the Hardware category and looking at the Number of Processors and Total Number of Cores on the right side of the window.

The more the merrier! OpenCL is one of the features built into Snow Leopard. This has the potential to provide vast increases in performance, at least for specialized applications such as CAD, CAM, image manipulation, and multimedia processing. Even routine applications, such as photo editors and image organizers, should be able to increase overall capabilities or performance using OpenCL technologies.

Apple lists the supported graphics chipsets as:. The list of supported graphic chipsets assumes you are checking on a Mac that was manufactured before August when OS X Snow Leopard was introduced. Why do we say currently? Because this list is in flux. It represents the graphics chips that Apple has tested, not all the graphics chips that are capable of supporting OpenCL. Life was great. Then forced I Cloud identities to keep data as your own on your own devices.

Hmmm, All of a sudden I Life for us became difficult and occurances out of our control began happening in our Happy I Home.

Using a Time Machine backup

SMART for him, should have recognized his intuition 2 years ago. All happy watching my Wife using her I pad for many hours a day I decided to by her a Full on tricked out NEW Mac for her Burthday in Feb to replace her Gateway Desktop also purchasing Office for Mac so she would be comfortable utilizing this super machine with all her old stuff. NOT, It has become a dust covered trophy in the corner.

Sure she begrudgingly goes to it to do tasks that IPad can not accomplish but she hates it. It has Yosemite as an OS, it hangs up constantly. The spinning rainbow wheel became a daily occurrence.

I backed it up and restored thinking we brought bad files into it, NOPE. All of a sudden my I Life has starting consuming huge amounts of time trying to fix things you have little access to anymore. The next occurrence has taken me over the edge and after a wishy washy recent purchase of an IPhone 6 after dropping my 5s off the boat one night 8 feet to the river bed and truly wanting to go back to Galaxy but my stuff was all in my I Life. Last weekend our Original MacBook took on what I thought to be an extended life with a short lived update to Yosemite from its happy navigable life in Mavericks.

All my data on a WD time machine backup was no longer mine, lost to the new sour apple life. Countless wasted hours. So took out the install disc that came with the machine and Monday night before going to bed inserted it hoping that I could work back up to Mavericks and retrieve MY DATA back from the Orchard.

So now what to do?

Step 1: Backup Files You Wish to Keep

Call Apple Support, they filled me in. Need to pay for help on phone and OH you need to purchase Snow Leopard again as we have to mail it to you as it is no longer in the stores.

Downgrade Sierra to Mavericks?

Or, go to an Apple Authorized repair shop and they can help? No Thank you. To think I will hang around and have things I have spent money on taken away, MacBook obsolete was the message, 7 years of music and pictures. Thank you for this thread, will utilize this to downgrade new Yosemite IMac to Mavericks and retrieve my data. It should never have been released.

I do not recommend users upgrade to OS X Yosemite, it is that bad. Thanks to all that have shared their experiences here. I use my machine to Work not a mindless idiot who text messages their iphones!

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Both Microsoft and Apple have turned to crap in the past 5 years! I assumed 6 months after release, most of the bad bugs would be ironed out. Yeah — WTF is that about?

How do I downgrade from Yosemite to Mavericks ? - Ask Different

Nobody seems to know how to get around this. Prefer to just wait for what comes after and pray Apple gets it right. Thanks so much for this tutorial! You are my hero!

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  • I did a little checking around before upgrading to Yosemite on my mid MBP, and despite the fact that the reviews were mostly either love it or despise it, I pushed the button. Huge Mistake. I hated it from the moment it started up. Photos does stink the way most folks are saying. Apple really has me scratching my head over some of the stuff they do. Luckily I did a Time Machine backup first, and then was able put some critical files on a thumb drive just in case before following your most excellent, clear, step-by-step process. I love Mavericks.

    Thank you, thank you! But now i want to revert back to Maverick, but i only have the Maverick system backup from my old machine. I downgraded to Mavericks.

    Downgrade macOS/Mac OS X without Losing Data 12222 (Mojave Applicable)

    That was stable for years snd i never feltvsny need for Lion or Miuntsin Lion. Yosemite on the same machine gave me eye strain within an hour. Totally unreadable. But the vombibation of transparency, grey on grey, tiny fonts and icons, and the new system font, made everything unpleasant and unreadable. Reminded me in a bad way of Sun Solaris back in the nineties. Annoying to be sure, but we had a bunch of personal music and picture files we had been meaning to back up for a while.

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    The external hard drive is apparently not compatible with the new Mac OS. Cheers, Apple. One big problem!