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At your convenience, replace the failed hard drive and then let CCC restore the OS, your data and your settings directly from the backup in one easy step.

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Any backup application can save your stuff. A CCC bootable backup will save your productivity too!

Step By Step: How To Clone Data to a New Mac Hard Drive

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Carbon Copy Cloner

Stable Version. Older OS X Download Now. See discussion How best to backup mulitple Macs on one hard drive?

See discussion What is a good backup strategy with Carbon Copy Cloner? See discussion. Version 5. CCC will now proactively warn about configurations specific to T2 Macs that will produce non-bootable results, and configurations that will lead to problems with enabling encryption or modifying Startup Security settings. Addressed an issue in which a Mojave-running remote Macintosh would fail inconsistently to correctly validate the code signature of CCC's file copier, More Also, Apple recommends that you backup your data before sending in a machine for repairs because they are not responsible for lost data.

How to Upgrade to SSD (Transfer Bootcamp)

In this situation, it would be ideal to simply copy off the entire contents of your hard drive to an external hard drive — to create a "bootable clone" of your production machine. You can then boot a loaner machine from this bootable clone and work from it as if working from your original machine see the related documentation below for common questions related to running another Mac from your backup. If you want to update your cloned volume in the future, simply run the same task or schedule it so it runs automatically and CCC will update the backup volume with only the items that have changed since your last backup.

Another scenario in which it would be desirable to do a full-volume clone is when you have purchased a new Mac and you would like to move everything from your old Mac to your new Mac. When you get a new computer from Apple, though, it has a specific version of macOS installed on it, and further, a hardware-specific "build". Your new Macintosh cannot boot from the older version and build of macOS that is installed on your older Mac, so simply cloning your old Mac onto your new Mac won't work. Due to this limitation, we recommend that you use the Setup Assistant application runs on your Mac's very first boot or the Migration Assistant application to migrate content from your old Mac to a new Macintosh.

You can migrate directly from a CCC backup of your old Mac. Once you have migrated your user accounts and applications using Setup Assistant or Migration Assistant, you can continue to use Carbon Copy Cloner to back up your Mac to the same backup volume that you were using for the old Mac. Question marked as Solved User profile for user: Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: You will need a third party cloning application.

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I recommend Carbon Copy Cloner: It will ask if you want to copy the recovery partition. Do so.

You can install the HDD in the enclosure that you used for the cloning Ciao. View answer in context. Helpful answers Drop Down menu. Loading page content. I think we are both using the same procedure.

Creating a Backup

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