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Sure, they seem a bit clunky and heavy, and you can surely feel that weight when they're shaking on your head, but they're comfortable and well-built. While we think the Nari Ultimates are executed well, we aren't going to recommend these too highly, because you're paying more for headphones that don't sound quite as good as cheaper models. That said, your money is going towards some pretty cool features, and if you want a unique and immersive experience, you can't go wrong with the Razer Nari Ultimates.

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See the Razer Nari Ultimate. Wireless: Yes Connection: 2. What We Don't: Slightly scratchy feel. Logitech makes another appearance on our list with their Gs, which we think are some of the best wireless headphones on the market. What we can only describe as a stripped-down version of their G model, the Gs are a wireless option that looks and sounds elegant.

The styling on these is sleek and simple, if a bit bulky. Their soundstage is impressive, and in classic Logitech style, balanced and nuanced. We absolutely loved the microphone - it has a low-profile and sounds great, using the micro-pop filter to produce an even tone. The surround sound is also a hit, and using Logitech's incredible software, you can really nail down the perfect configuration.

We don't have much in the way of negatives for this headset, other than we wish the materials used on the earcups was a bit higher quality. We felt a modicum of discomfort when testing our model. Out of the box, they felt a bit stiff and scratchy, but we're willing to bet they'll be more comfortable after breaking in. Either way, these are still a great buy.

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If you're looking for understated design and quality sound, look no further than the incredible Logitech Gs. See the Logitech G You can tell HyperX meant business with their Cloud Alpha headset. This headset is premium, and with its lightweight aluminium frame and gamer-centric design, it's got serious gamers in its sights. Sound-wise, the Alphas pack a punch. The closed-back design does a great job at isolating external noise, while the 50mm drivers take care of the rest.

Almost on par with the SteelSeries Arctis Pro in terms of out-of-the-box sound, no other mid-range headset creates the same clarity amongst the higher frequencies as the Cloud Alphas. Slight bass and mid boosts, coupled with a lack of software, points to the Alpha's focus on gaming audio, but music and movies still sounded decent.

The detachable mic is a nice touch and provides great voice quality, managing not to sound too grainy or compressed. Overall, this is a premium culmination of the things most gamers are looking for: tight audio, a strong build, and great mic. The only complaint that we had about the Cloud Alpha was the comfort of the earcups. We were surprised that this was an issue, but after long periods of testing, removing these cans felt like a breath of fresh air, and that's something we're always skeptical of. The clamping force of the headphones can exacerbate the issue—so if you have an XL head, we'd recommend you look towards something a little more comfortable, like the Cloud Revolver S.

See the HyperX Cloud Alpha. What We Don't: Weaker multimedia option. Next up, we have the freshly-tested Turtle Beach Elite Atlas.

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Turtle beach really impressed us with this model. The design and build were solid, and the soundstage was finely tuned for exceptional gaming audio. The highs and mids were scintillating and the lows were balanced and tight. While we would have liked a more powerful low-end, the soundstage produced a near-perfect positional gaming experience, allowing us to hear light footsteps and other detailed elements.

The big hit comes from the lackluster multimedia experience. With an inflexible sound profile, the Elite Atlas do one thing really well; unfortunately, this comes at the cost of a reduced music listening experience, ultimately ranking it lower on our list. We loved this headset, but it is a finely-honed weapon, and most listeners would be better served with more a flexible headset What We Don't: Pricey, annoying cable.

Aesthetically, they're beautifully designed and when it comes down to build, they prove to be well engineered. Their higher price is definitely reflected in their design, but we all know it's the audio that really speaks to us. And damn, does it sound good. With their crisp handling of highs and mids, and a resonating low end, these headphones did nothing but impress. They sounded much better than even some of our higher picks, like the Logitech G Artemis Spectrum. And that's before we mentioned what put these headphones on our list: comfort. This pair is one of the most comfortable gaming headsets we've ever worn; their wing support system reminded us of our top pick, the HyperX Cloud Revolvers, but felt even lighter over long periods of use.

The ATH-AG1x headphones are truly something special, and it hurts putting them this far down our list. However, a few things kept them from securing a top spot. First, the connection options were lackluster for the price.

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Not to mention the controls on the cable. As seen with HyperX's Revolvers, having the volume and mute controls on the cable is a great feature, but the ATH-AG1x seemed prone to accidental changes, and more than once we bumped the volume to max and blasted our ears off during testing. The Sound BlasterX H7 Tournament Edition is Creative's flagship gaming headset, and although the high contrast colorway might steer some off course, what's going on below deck will leave competitors with a sinking feeling.

With its upgraded 50mm full-spectrum drivers, the Sound BlasterX H7 sounds amazing. It might not handle mids and highs quite as well as the Sennheiser GAME ONEs, but delivering what it does at a portion of the price makes that an easy compromise to live with. We found the microphone was decent and, in testing, was just shy of the quality of the Arctis 7s. Looks-wise, the black, brushed metal cups really compliment the gun metal arms.

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However, we wish Creative had reduced the aggressive styling of their X logo, which when coupled with the unnecessary lights, gives the headset a chintzy appearance that doesn't suit its performance. That said, the headset is adequately comfy, lightweight, and importantly durable. The BlasterX software impressed us and—while we didn't love all the included presets—the ability to completely customize the EQ settings was included.

What more could we really ask for? The Creative Sound BlasterX H7 Tournament Edition is a great mid-range headset, that didn't quite pass our aesthetic test, but holds up well overall. Wireless: No Sensitivity: dB Connection: 3. The Razer Kraken X are incredibly light and comfortable, making them easy to wear for even the longest gaming episodes. What makes this headset so appealing for its price is the 7. If you want virtual surround sound at the lowest price, look no further.

See the Razer Kraken X. The design of the Corsair Void PRO Wireless is an acquired taste, and part of the reason it's this far down our list is because we're still trying to acquire that taste. The outer shell feels deceivingly fragile and cheap, but actually hides a strong metallic subframe that delivers the Void's undeniable durability. Given its lower price point, we can forgive a slightly cheaper feel, so long as the audio is on-point. Which it is.

The sound produced by the Void PROs is excellent for games, movies, and music. Our only gripe is that the soundstage on the media end can feel narrow at times, and it doesn't help that the EQ options in the software suite are limited. One gimmick that will make some happy is that, if you have multiple Corsair RGB products, you can set them up to alternate colors simultaneously. The only victim of your setup's impromptu rave will be the Void PRO Wireless' battery, which isn't great.

If you absolutely can't deal with a wire, we recommend that you spend a bit more and nab the SteelSeries Arctis 7s. While vaunted as a console headset, these cans held up well with our PC tests, and with minor tinkering we were able to get clean and clear sound. The build on the LS41 is simple and traditional, with a nice quilted headband.

Despite all the positives, the LucidSound LS41 ranked low on our list based enitrely on comfort. Seeing as this headset occupies the same design space and price point as the Cloud MIX, the lack of comfort in the LS41 was a big dissapointment, and enough reason to give them the bottom spot. See the LucidSound LS Sennheiser is back with their upcoming release of the GSP Both are advertised as premium gaming headsets with 45mm high-output drivers. Based off what HyperX has done in the last few years, we know these headphones will sound great and can't wait to get our hands on them.

Want Even More Master Switch? Why upgrade if not to squeeze better quality audio out of your device? Our second consideration is value-for-money.

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We always want to make sure you are getting a premium audio experience at a price you can afford. Overall build quality also plays a part in our choices. Our headsets have to be comfortable too. Our final considerations are about additional features the headset provides. This could be Bluetooth connectivity, so you can choose to ignore calls mid-game, or charging wireless headsets whilst in use, or customizable EQ options. Our Buying Advice below will help you tell your Dolby 7. Finding the perfect gaming headset can be tricky. There's so much jargon separating you from knowing which set of cans are the right fit—literally.

We have taken some time to try and distill that jargon into a few key details that you can use to find headphones that match your needs.

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The three most important factors when judging headphones are: sound quality, comfort, and price. Sound Quality : The most important consideration when buying any audio gear is sound quality. If a headset doesn't sound great, there's no point in spending money on it. The good news is that, in , you can get amazing sounding headphones even on a budget. Sure, there are some best-sellers that we think are way overpriced for the experience they provide—we're looking at you, Beats.

But the question remains: what qualifies as 'good' sound? Some people like brain-rattling, bass-heavy drivers, while others prefer a more balanced audio-experience. If you're dead-set on a specific profile, or want to have the ability to experiment, we'd recommend choosing a headset that comes with EQ software that lets you manipulate the sound to your taste.