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Press the Copy or Home button to exit Setup mode. It's not possible to print from a computer when the product is in Setup mode.

Double-click the Printer Setup Utility. If the IP address changes, you may need to add the printer again in the future and reconfigure the Epson Scan Network Settings.

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If you are adding a printer and see "Driver not installed" , you may need to specify the type of printer you are using. When you see the Add Printer dialogue, click on ' Select the driver to use ' from the Print Using menu, and then select the Epson driver for your printer using the instructions above. The printer should now be added to the Printer List. If you have an inkjet printer, the setup is now complete. Mac OS X Intel: Then click Add on the Printer Browser screen. Note: If the printer is set to obtain an IP address automatically, the IP address may change each time the printer is turned on.

If the IP address has changed, you will need to repeat the steps below to reconfigure the Epson Scan network settings. If the printer is not listed with either of these options, do the following:. Do not select the instance which lists 'Bonjour' in the 'Kind' column. In If the printer does not appear, check the printer is powered on and network connection is possible. Your printer should appear in the list, then click Add. If you receive a "Printer not found" error, check the IP Address which can be found on the network status sheet.

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For instructions on how to print a status sheet see the Related Articles section for article: How do I print a network status sheet? Click No both times it appears. Note: To rename the scanner, type a name for it in the Scanner Name text box. If the IP Address is not listed, you can select the option Enter address. Type in the printer's IP Address which can be found on the network status sheet. Click OK. Configuring the printer port: Click Start and click on Control Panel.

Open the printers folder. For Windows and Vista select Printers. For Windows 7 select Devices and Printers. Locate your Epson printer icon in the printers folder.

Right-click on the Epson printer icon and a menu appears. For Windows 7, left-click on Printer Properties.

Add a printer to your home network

Click on the Ports tab. In Ports , click on Add Port.

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We recommend using the EpsonNet Print Port where possible. For Windows 7 users, you can download this software from under the Windows Vista selection on the Epson website. This is because the router will have assigned a dynamic IP address to the Epson device. Dynamic IP addresses can change, which means communication between the devices may be lost when either device is powered off, causing printing or scanning fail.

Therefore, we recommend using an EpsonNet Print Port as it identifies the Epson device by its device name. If the router is not set to assign IP addresses e. Click on Next.

Enter the printer's IP address into the printer name or IP address field. The IP address will also be entered as the port name, which can be changed if preferred. Click Next. Windows will attempt to check the given IP address. Once complete, click Finish. Follow the steps below to complete the port configuration. Note: If the scanner is not detected, check the connection and click Retry. Ensure that Epson Scan and Epson Scan Settings are added to your firewall's 'allowed programs' or 'exceptions' list. You can customise the Push-scan button feature to open a program in the Epson Event Manager to make scanning even quicker.

Your All-In-One will also allow you to use the push-scan feature over the network; in order to use this feature you must check the Enable Network Scan function in Event Manager. The button and action options you see here depend on your All-In-One model. If your product has one button, you will have one button action drop-down menu. The Network Scan Name is alphanumeric, so you must enter a name that contains both numbers and letters the example below uses 'Epson'. Click OK and close the Button Settings window.

Note: If you need help using Epson Event Manager, do one of the following. For Windows: Click the icon in the upper right corner of the screen. If your question was not answered, have you checked other FAQs? Have you checked manuals? Go to the Manuals section. If you need further assistance, please contact Brother customer service: Go to the Contact Us. To help us improve our support, please provide your feedback below.

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