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Confidential texts wind up elsewhere. Try using iCloud to download the file to your Windows PC.

Convert and open documents in Pages for iOS

For this to work, you need to make sure you store the. And use it as you normally would via Microsoft Word on Windows. If you need a. This advice by SK totally set me straight — this being May , in case the situation changes. I skipped any Word conversion steps though and instead I edit Pages online with my newly created iCloud account in the native Pages environment and download as a PDF without issue for final output to print or to make a jpg.

How to Save Pages Files as Word Document Format from Mac

Process: Someone else starts the document in their iCloud on a Mac and they are saving it to a Google Drive we share. I in turn download the.

Data folder — contains 7 graphic image files, all but one looks like a colored square Index folder — 7. Tables contains There is nothing identifiable in any of the folders. The preview.

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She claims there is a 2nd page but I cannot find it. This opened up a part of the file only.

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I could view the first page as a jpg , but not the rest of the document. There was no pdf file in the extracted zip file. Not sure how to view the entire document. Thankfully, I simply changed the extension as per your instructions. The jpg.

How to Save Pages Files as Word Document Format from Mac

I was able to import all the pieces and re-set the typeface manually. Instead of providing this simple solution which is pretty certain that they knew , MS linked to two endorsed third-party software downloads that were crammed with bloatware. Oh, and btw, neither of them worked.

Is it me or does Pages no longer contain a PDF? That makes it less appealing. Sure, you can export each and every file you create in other formats, but that is not at all convenient. It seemed to me that the PDF file was a guard against lock in. But now. I see no. Apple will not win me over with this junk. Apple have changed the way their files work with a new update and hence we no longer have a. How you did it? I tried to right click on the file but I can only change the file name, not the extension.

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Search posts. Note that we are using Microsoft Word for Mac Version Pages is a powerful word processor from Apple. Every Mac has Pages pre-installed. You can use it to create stunning documents.

how to convert pages file to word

You can even use it to open, edit and convert Microsoft Word documents on Mac. Open Finder on your Mac, browse to the folder where the Word doc is saved on your computer. The Export Your Document screen pops up. Press Next button. Change the PDF file name, and location to save it in the next screen. It however has its drawbacks. Some advanced features of Word are not supported by Pages. Sometimes when you open a Word doc in Pages, you may find it looks different, certain objects may be removed, form components may be lost, etc.