Mac pro video card 3 monitors

If I disconnect the MD Port 2 the second display goes black and the third one works. Hi Steve, sorry to hear about issues.

My problem is, I haven't "exact" same setup to try it here. We tried three monitor MacPro setup with basically same feature set and generation of card three years ago with colleague, so I'm pretty positive, it is working.

Basics first

Unfortunately setup is gone for some tests. Despite what I cited from AMD article, it there is some possibility to buy second same adapter, I would probably tried it. Possibly swap for different adapters later, if there is some grace period at shop, where you purchased it. It can see, it is quite fuss about setup, but it is probably still cheapest option to do. Next is purchase of native DP monitors and another is, adding of second graphics card, which I really doesn't recommend, because I've experienced quite significant general slowdowns in the UI It can be already software thing of course, but also another can of worms.

Excuse me, I can't be more specific about that. Good luck! Just one update.. I've discovered specific Apple article regarding three DVI monitors.. It looks like this article differs from previously cited AMD ones, where they talk about DP requirement for third or higher monitor. PC version of card. According to this, second active adapter could do the trick. So, sorry for confusing you with only one necessary active adapter although hardware could be theoretically fine with that.

Graphics Card Upgrade for Mac Pro

Hi Michal, yes I read that article too I'm gonna try a second active adapter tomorrow Top Mentioned Manufacturers. New Reply.

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Gearslutz Members don't see this. The first unit died but replacement works great for my 3 27" monitor setup. Does not like it when it gets too hot. Make sure you have good ventilation in your case. I have zero complaints. The display simply became unstable and I tried every which way to find the right driver to no avail. I dropped this card into the system and got sweet results. EVGA provides drivers for win 10 both for 32 and 64 bit needs. I am glad I did. This is a beast of a GPU. Not the BEST powerful one, but to me, it is beast.

Does what I need it to do to play the games I want to play. That is all I could ask and care for. Was very easy to install. Does have RGB lighting which is pretty cool. Also pulse's when you play music if you set it up to that. Only 7 left in stock more on the way. I bought a simple computer from an auction at work, and the video card couldn't run any games at all. This one works fine for what I need, since I am not a hard core gamer. It works with a W power supply. USB 3. Works just as posted for item description. Had to upgrade drivers to USB3.

Overall very satisfied with product; also was delivered promptly. Only 10 left in stock - order soon. I originally purchased 2x cards to drive 4 displays on my desktop mostly work but some video setup. I thought I was being smart and saving money I was terribly wrong.

Mac Pro mid 2010 - 3 monitors

The best WEI score I could get was 4. Worse, those particular cards XFX were categorized as "low profile" but the heatsink protruded 5 mm or so and didn't allow me to close my case. I also experienced "static" random lined popping up that were driving me nuts. This card works flawlessly.

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My system runs cooler, no static, and my WEI is 6. I've researched this for way too many hours and this card offered me the lowest cost and highest performance for a low-profile single slot installation.

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Currently unavailable. Installed in a HP m series tower with a W power supply. This card only uses one PCI express socket, but physically takes up the space of two slots in your tower. You may have to shuffle stuff around or remove stuff from your case if you weren't using a thick card like this. The fan is quiet, the drivers are on the disk and install easily.

The card it replaced gs achieved 1 fps I was able to run Crysis 1 max settings p and achieved an acceptable, playable framerate Flight Simulator X is playable max settings x with smooth framerate GTA 4 runs at max settings x and maintains acceptable framerate. Now I can connect as many monitors Coughlin San Ramon, CA. So liberating!