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In my example, I chose to have the labels displayed in the middle.

Select it and use the features within the Chart and Axis tabs of the Format pane as follows:. I also unchecked Legend as I considered it redundant in my case. Customize fonts: Use the options under Chart Font to modify the font type and size for the entire graphic. Note : You can customize the task descriptions or title independently by double-clicking on them and making the desired changes from the pane on the right.

Adjust the gap between the task bars: Use the up-down controls under Gaps to increase or decrease the space between chart bars. Add more vertical lines to the chart: Click on the Axis tab of the Format pane, go to Minor Gridlines , and select the type of gridline you want to use. For my graphic, I used a straight grey line. After carrying out all the steps above, trying out several font sizes, and increasing the size of the chart area, my Gantt chart looks like this:. Apple's Pages does let you build a Gantt chart, but the formatting process can become cumbersome especially if you need to regularly create and edit such visuals for recurrent communications.

Below I'll demonstrate how to make professional-looking Gantt charts more easily using Office Timeline Online. Allowing you to automatically create an eye-catching graphic directly from your browser, Office Timeline also lets you update it quickly and download it as a.

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To get things started, access the free online tool and carry out the following steps. To start building your Gantt chart , click on Timeline from scratch from the web tool's New tab or choose one of the templates available. In my case, I went for the first option, so you can see how to make a Gantt from top to bottom. Selecting the Timeline from scratch option will open the Data View , where you can add and edit data.

Office Timeline will instantly transform this data into a graphic and display a live preview of it on the right. You can do this by either clicking on the preview image or selecting the Timeline tab above your data list. At this point, you can customize any detail on your newly created Gantt chart with just a few clicks. From the Timeline tab, you can change any color, shape and font, adjust the tasks' position and spacing, or choose to show details such as Task Duration or Percentage Complete. Whenever you want to add more tasks, you can instantly switch back to the Data View and enter their details.

You can see on my final Gantt chart below that I have included some milestones too, which will help in tracking my project. If you have a free Office Timeline Online account , the Gantt charts you make will be instantly saved in the cloud, which means you can return to them at any time and adjust them as plans change.

Once finished, turn your Gantt chart into an editable PowerPoint slide so you can easily include it in presentations. This free Gantt chart template gallery was created for professionals who need to make eye-catching visuals for project presentations.

Download the desired Gantt template as an editable PowerPoint slide or, where available, click on the Edit Online button to open it in your browser and update it easily with Office Timeline. How to make a Gantt Chart in Pages for Mac This step-by-step Pages Gantt chart tutorial demonstrates how to make professional Gantt charts inside the popular word processor for Mac. Automatically make a Gantt chart online. Manually make a Gantt chart in Pages. Enter your project data into a table in Pages. Add a 2D Stacked Bar Chart to your Pages document Now that you have sorted out your data, you can start building your graphic.

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Input your project data into the chart. Turn your graphic into a Gantt chart Now that that your chart has the right data in, you need to format it to make it look more like a Gantt. The resulting graphic will look like the one below: With your Gantt chart properly set up, you can now make further customizations to add meaning and help it stand out better. Customize the tasks bars of your Gantt chart. To recolor your chart bars individually, your tasks need to be distributed in separate series, which will require you to: i.

This is how I changed my Gantt chart's default colors: While in the Style section, you may also want to apply a few effects such as strokes and shadows. Customize and update your Gantt Chart with ease.

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Make Gantt Charts Online for Free. See our free Gantt chart template collection This free Gantt chart template gallery was created for professionals who need to make eye-catching visuals for project presentations. See More. Office Efficiency. Graphic Design. Special Industry. What are you looking for?

Project Management. Easy to Use. Fast and Effective Mac Gantt Chart Software Create professional Gantt chart in minutes on Mac to help schedule, coordinate and track tasks in a project. Start with dynamic and customizable templates. Download Software. Start with Dynamic Templates Predefined Gantt chart templates help you create accurate and interactive Gantt charts with ease.

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Collaborative Through Cloud Collaboration is essential when planning a project schedule. You can choose any one you like or use multiple tools together for your work. Calendar Gantt Chart.

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