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Drag-and-drop trailers make it even simpler to create beautiful, personal projects that look and sound great. And iMovie for iOS works with ClassKit, so teachers can assign projects to students, and students can easily hand in their finished assignments right from the app.

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Just click to download and install on your Mac or iOS device. Watch in HD Download the 4K version. Make Movies Easy.

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Studio-Quality Titles Select from dozens of styles to add beautifully animated titles and credits to your movies. High-Fidelity Filters Choose from 10 creative video filters that add a cinematic touch. Extra-Special Effects Make action shots more exciting by slowing them down.

Soundtracks, Simplified Rock your video with over 80 smart soundtracks on iOS that intelligently adjust to match the length of your movie. Appear Anywhere Transport yourself with green-screen effects. Learn more about clips. When you crop a specific area from a 4K monitor video image and zoom it, you get much clearer visual quality than p.

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VideoProc lets you edit videos that are recorded from computer or tablet cameras without long learning curve. World's No.

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For gamers, sports lovers, educators and live enthusiasts, VideoProc is the go-to tool to record gameplay, presentations, webinars, Skype call, streaming video, and create vlogging, screencasts, podcasts, software reviews and video instructions, making it easy to interact with your audiences and teammates. VideoProc uses full GPU acceleration, which enables it to process even 4K videos quickly, without compromising quality. VideoProc is your all-in-one tool for trimming, editing, converting and compressing videos.

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It does all these tasks surprisingly quickly thanks to its support for all types of hardware acceleration. VideoProc makes it quick and easy for amateurs and hobbyists to edit and process 4K video, and doesn't require that you invest in an uber powerful PC or spend hours learning how to use it. VideoProc is one-stop video editing software that makes it easy to edit, convert, resize, and adjust 4K ultra high-definition UHD videos, DVDs, and music to produce a polished video you'd be happy to share. If you shoot a lot of videos and want more flexibility in making them shine on any device, VideoProc is for you.

Instead of focusing on converting a video, or editing and adjusting it, this app does all of the above. Digiarty, the producer of VideoProc, started software developing since Video processing, especially 4K resolution based post-processing is a CPU-consuming and complex workflow, from demultiplex, decompressing, editing, re-arranging, integrating to encoding. Find more about video editing tips GoPro video processing iPhone video processing. All rights reserved. Free Download. Full Hardware Acceleration Up to 47x real-time faster!

Cut By flexible cutting, you can shorten a video, chop away any unwanted segments, rearrange clips in new sequence and optimize size for YouTube, etc.

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The Live add-on module provides the elements needed to assist the live sound engineer in speaker array calibration tasks with; delay finder, level, meter, transfer function magnitude, phase and coherence spectra, impulse response, as well as snapshot facilities. The Multichannel and Surround add-on module provides a vast range of measurement tools for comprehensive analysis of multichannel audio environments. In addition to standard spectrum analyzer and metering tools, an innovative set of spectrum tools, Flux:: Nebula, presenting frequency and scope over space in a fashion never seen before.

Unique spectrum over space scope, providing real-time visualization of the the audio content in the surround space-frequency domain. Supports any type of surround configuration 4. In addition to this, a plug-in called SampleGrabber, available in all standard plug-in formats, is provided.

In order to experience the outstanding graphical response in Pure Analyzer and to fully take advantage of the software's analysis capabilities, using a modern nVidia or ATI Radeon graphics card is recommended. Older, and other less efficient graphics cards do not have the required performance and specifications, and will offload too much work to the CPU.

The processor is an important factor as well, and we recommend using at least and Intel Core 2 Duo, Core i5 or newer architecture processor. AMD processors are also supported, but might exhibit lower performance, as they do not offer the same capabilities and optimizations as Intel CPUs. Intel integrated graphics are tested and works, but with limited capabilites, thus should be avoided. Notes Please make sure that the latest version of vendor-provided optimized drivers are installed for your graphics card. Generic drivers may contain bugs and are in general less up-to-date with optimizations presented in drivers specific to your particular graphics card model.

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Access to all specifications. Installed Application Files Windows 32 bit.