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Below then is our list of the best database software for Mac in order of ranking that make great alternatives to Microsoft Access. Wizard for Mac is a superb alternative to Access on Mac that makes it incredibly easy to create databases and analyze data on a Mac. Wizard is excellent for data analysis, statistics , visualization and making better business decisions via predictive modelling. Other ways Wizard for Mac can be used are for applying statistics in medicine, marketing or public policy, instant summaries for market research and making it easier for teachers to visually display statistics for students.

Wizard can be used for simple linear models but with a few clicks, you can get much more out of it.

13 Best Access Alternatives & Database Software For Mac

For instance, you can use Wizard to predict probabilities via logistic, negative binomial or proportional hazard models. Wizard is a refreshingly non-technical alternative to Microsoft Access on Mac and is both easy to beginners to grasp but also powerful enough for professionals to get deep down into their data. You can analyze data within minutes of importing it into Wizard for Mac in the form of graphics, correlations, p-values and models. Modelling data is surprisingly easy and you can see changes to regression estimates in real-time as you change data and values.

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The graphics have been designed with macOS in mind and Wizard produces attractive scatterplots, histograms, survival curves and charts of all shapes and sizes. There are no limits to the number of columns and rows you can use and you can import databases from R. As a result and most surprisingly of all perhaps, Wizard actually makes number crunching reasonably effortless and fun.

MS Access feels sluggish in comparison and you can instantly compare means with a t test or check for normality with a Shapiro-Wilk. You can search your data and it comes with extensive documentation for exporting to other apps such as Numbers and OpenOffice. Access Database Manager not only allows you to open MS Access files but even edit them although you have to make an in app purchase to do the latter.

It supports Access files and upwards and allows you to filter, sort, export data and more. These include the ability to update table row data, add new tables, create databases, import CSV data and even build a customized user interface for your database.

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If you need maximum control over your database files, then Database Manager is probably your best option. And although you can view tables, it does not support queries, forms or reports. MDB Explorer supports Access However, MDB Explorer has limitations.

You can try a free trial of MDB Explorer first before deciding whether to buy. It also reads all formats from MDBLite is the simplest but most limited option of the lot. It only works with Access files — it does not work with or higher. A complete waste of time!!! Pros: Does not involve a PC. Cons: Impossible to use!

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View full description. CONS Tricky to understand how to configure. Softonic review Nowadays, just because you have a Mac doesn't mean that you can't use the Microsoft Access database. Microsoft Office Your favorite Office Suites in a bundle.

MDB Viewer can export your Access database to pretty much anything. The online documentation includes step-by-step guides for exporting to many applications.

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I also include general tips for working with Access databases. Sign up and stay in touch! Full Name:.