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Lemme know how all this goes for you guys. That would make me a very happy nerd. BTW, Mac users. I was streaming my iTunes all day yesterday. I have my iMac seeing the Live and can play videos from my computer attached drives very nicely. I have noticed 2 glitches, however. Adding the drives to Sharing makes them Drive and Drive and I can then play content from them. When the drive is attached directly to the Live this does not happen. Hopefully a software update will fix that.

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All in all, I am very pleased with this unit as it does what I want it to do. This is a great little box. Originally Posted by jamerican I have my iMac seeing the Live and can play videos from my computer attached drives very nicely.

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Originally Posted by peestandingup 1. I bet the problem is the fact that you have 2 drives in 1 enclosure. I havent encountered this problem so its hard to say. If I can replicate it, I'll try to let you know what I find out. I just found this thread and it seems there's a ton of good info on here. She has trouble setting her macbook up to the TV to placate the kids Anyways, I have a few questions Can you confirm this?

Originally Posted by ftaok Thanks for the tip. Does Orb play iTS protected music? One last question Hey i'm looking to buy a wireless usb network adapter to attach to the wdtv live, which will be able to be seen by my mac book pro so i can transfer files wirlessly to the USb attached to the wdtvlive. Can any wireless G usb adapter work Trying to just get a cheap one, since i'm really not streaming anything. Can anyone suggest any known working ones Originally Posted by peestandingup Everyone who's having issues sharing from your Mac, please make sure you go to your System Preferences on your Mac, then Sharing.

How to get Network Shares and Shared Folders on WD TV Live.

Hi all, hope someone can help. Would like to stream and manage files sometimes from my Macbook- can't fathom how to get it to work. Can anybody help? Have file sharing turned on and samba enabled Any ideas gratefully received!! Or a 'talk me through it' tutorial Thanks in advance. I'm not sure what finally got it to work but I did this after trying over and over: I set a folder with my videos in it up for sharing on my Mac Pro - under "sharing" and then "shared folders".

I clicked on that shared folder so it was highlighted and then I set up a new user right beside it in Sharing and gave it a short name and a short password. I gave that new user read only permission. I clicked on it and then right clicked on it and selected "apply permissions to enclosed items". I am streaming videos from the folder I selected for sharing.

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I put in a lot of time last weekend first setting up a new network with a Belkin N wireless router. I could not get either the router or the WDTV to set up automatically to start with. Unfortunately it took a lot of trial and error time and a number of fruitless calls to Belkin and Western Digital, both with excellent response times but very little useful information at least for the Mac.

I am running the latest system - OS X I could connect, but continuously lost the connection and couldn't see the WDTV. The computer connection to the internet was solved by creating a new "Location" in the network System Preferences without an available appletalk option and running the Belkin Easy Setup again.

The way I eventually found that made my drive and folders available to the WDTV after activating "Sharing" was to select a drive or folder in the finder that you want to see and then Right Click or under File "Get Info". In the middle of the pane you will see a check box for "Shared Folder". Check this box. Unlock the pane with your password, if necessary. There should be a some selections under name. Make these as you wish and the type of privileges. At the bottom center of the pane, you will find a "Gear" wheel. The instructions below are intended for advanced users only.

Western Digital is not responsible for any damages caused by following these instructions. To configure NFS please follow the instructions below: You need Administrator access to perform these steps On the Mac: To do this, please follow the instructions below: Highlight the folder you want to share within Finder.

In Finder, select File and than Get Info from the top menu. Check the Shared Folder box. Close the window. To change the preferences, please follow the instructions below: In Finder, select the Finder than Preferences from the top menu. Click on the Advanced tab.

Check the box for Show all filename extensions. Next, an exports file needs to be made. To make this file, please follow the instructions below: End of access problems, and no more being asked for account names and passwords to access Network shares. Now, back at the WDTV menu when you access Network shares you will be prompted to provide your Account name your name on the shared PC you are accessing; if you log in as Bob, put in Bob.

WD TV Live - "the network share can not be found"

You also will be asked for your password for the PC you are accessing. Really admirable for you to quote the manual here so often. Put your time towards another solution, namely a NAS. Or install a media server even faster than setting up shares like TVersity or Plex.

Plex is free and there are a bunch of other free ones. Wish Western Digital would just print what support tells you in the manual about it not working much of the time. Save a few million folks a ton of time and headaches.

Does the WDTV Live Plus HD Media Player work with Mac?

A lot of people waste a lot of time trying to make this work. The reality is you just need to go with a media server if you absolutely need to stream from your PC. I am truly grateful for all the support. Thanx again and I am off to find out what a HUB is: I am trying to use cifs and it keeps asking me for a password.

Precisely what are you trying to do and how are you trying to do it? Your question is too vague to provide much help. For one thing, there is a guest option you might want to look at. Of course how the share is set up determines what info must be given to mount it and whether it is even possible to mount it.