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Since the MacBook is the most important storage location, I want to make sure it goes from phone to computer in full resolution. You can download originals to your Mac as one of the options of iCloud Photo Library on the Mac, but again, you would have to both be using the same iCloud ID if you wanted to both have access to the same library.

Sharing an iCloud account comes with its own issues, and Apple recommends that each individual have their own iCloud ID. And as I indicated, although iCloud Photo Library manages your storage on the iOS devices, you are still looking at potential limitations, since all of your iCloud Photo Library photos will be on your device - optimized or not. If you want to use the import functionality, you cannot have iCloud Photo Library turned on on the iOS device.

With iCloud Photo Library, everything goes to iCloud, and iCloud shares everything with any device or computer that is signed into the same iCloud account with iCloud Photo Library turned on.

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May 18, PM in response to tomkimsey In response to tomkimsey. Apple definitely wants you to have all of your photos in iCloud Photo Library. Rather than being a "backup" or "archive", it should be considered your one and only database of photos. Any devices that you connect to your iCloud Photo Library will have some version of that database downloaded.

It may be "optimized" but it will be optimized only on the device.

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Your iCloud Photo Library will always have the full resolution versions. You will continue to have to have separate iCloud accounts, each with its own iCloud Photo Library. The accounts will be separate, but you can use Family Sharing. If you have any older devices that don't have enough storage for the full iCloud Photo Library, you can still use Photo Stream just on that device instead of iCloud Photo Library.

Manage Multiple Accounts: How to Quickly Switch Between Users in Any App Without Logging Out

There are some risks to having everything in the cloud. If your credit card expires or gets stolen and cancelled, you will have to make sure to update your iCloud account. According to Apple's documentation on downgrades iCloud storage upgrades and downgrades - Apple Support , it looks like your data would be safe. But you never know, plans change, terms of service get updated, mistakes happen.

Did I mention Time Machine yet? May 18, PM. Nov 27, PM in response to etresoft In response to etresoft. Like tomkinsey, I also want to consolidate my photo library with my wife's on our MacBook and we have separate Apple IDs. I don't have the iCloud photo library and I'm not really looking to installing but I like the fact that I don't need to manually import my pictures anymore on our Mac with Photos and that this is automatically done through Photostream, I guess?

Ideally, I would want my wife's pictures to also automatically import. I've read a lot of threads on the topic, however it seems that this is not possible. Or, am I missing something? Nov 27, PM. Nov 28, AM in response to jubapel In response to jubapel. Nov 28, AM. We have both sync'd with both my iTunes Library which we use exclusively for Photos , and with his iTunes Library which is where we sync with Music. On our iTunes Profiles for Photos on his iTunes account, we have the "Sync Photos" option turned off completely we have other options turned on as we individually require.

On our iTunes Profiles for Music on my iTunes account, we have everything except Photos turned off for syncing. We do have to import his photos to the Photos Library on my Mac not a big deal for me, really , and I also have to import my videos to Photos since Photo Stream does not include videos. I have the option in the Photos App to import my Photo Stream, but, again, that does not include videos. The whole syncing part is really for being able to share that entire library between you. To be honest, although I originally created various albums, and diligently sync'd them to our iPhones, as Photos progressed, we really don't sync any more at all.

We can share photos using iCloud Photo Stream, we both have access to the Mac to look at all current photos there, the Memories albums that the iOS creates are enjoyable to both of us, and save or share the ones we really like. So, bottom line, we have our entire library stored and regularly backed up to Time Machine , and it is there for each of us to do with it what we will Nov 29, PM in response to gail from maine In response to gail from maine.

Thanks a lot for these replies! Has anybody tried this also pasted directly below : Photographs from 3 different iPhones into one iPhoto library?


You, your wife and daughter will all need to user separate user account on your Mac, then each person can sync their iOS device with iPhoto through Photo Stream as normal. Posted on Jun 5, PM. You can, however, create more that one Apple ID, but that creates other issues, such as requiring you to switch iCloud log ins to access the drive contents.

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You can create subfolders within your iCloud Drive for work and personal use. You can also purchase a subscription to more storage if you need. Page content loaded. Jun 5, PM.

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If you use 2 accounts on your Mac and enable quick user switching, each user on your mac can sign in to a different Apple ID in iCloud. That will get you 2 iCloud Drives, but you will have to log in and out of the 2 user accounts on your Mac to access them. Jun 8, AM. Question: Q: Can I have more than one iCloud drive folder in my finder? One account for work and one for personal. Accidents happen. Dropbox Professional. Get everything in Plus and:. Save your work. And your hard drive. With 3 TB 3, GB and enhanced Smart Sync, you can keep everything in the cloud without taking up all your hard drive space.

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