Mirror iphone screen to mac via usb

Posted on Apr 19, As David explains, you can use QuickTime.

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You don't have to press record; it will show the iPhone's screen regardless. You can hit record if you want to save your presentation, but it will also record voice using the computer's built in microphone. Apr 19, You can do this in Quicktime, but it does require a wired connection. Do you need something wireless? Page content loaded. Goal is to improve demonstration of iPhone custom App to conference room audience - so wireless would be better, but wired is better than nothing.

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Yes this works well in our own offices - but is a bit involved to set up for a client meeting getting the appleTV onto a guest wifi network, getting the hdmi sync between appleTV and a projector, etc. Via QuickTime Player help menu. I'm guessing this means you need an iOS device with a Lightning cable, as opposed to the old 30 pin cables. AirPlay is the only way to do this wirelessly, and an Apple TV makes that super easy. Thanks - that worked really well - had no idea Quicktime could use an external source.

Three Ways to Mirror iPhone to Mac Easily & Successfully

Makes it really easy to record a demo for later too. Apr 19, 1: You can also enter Fullscreen and it will still "stream. Nov 16, 1: I know a app which can mirror iOS display to Mac computer, on seeing the program, provided that you have stable WiFi network, you can find the AirPlay tab on ur iPhone, on opening the mirroring option, you can create connection between the phone and computer.

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Resulting videos are in MP4 format and stored in a preset folder, you can access them by simply clicking on the folder icon located in the bottom-right corner. Sometimes, if your Wi-Fi network condition is not good enough to stream contents smoothly from your iPhone to Windows, or you just cannot connect to one, you can still make use of LonelyScreen.

Read also: Follow the steps below:. A pop-up notification will appear on the screen if both your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are off. You can select USB only. Note that, occasionally, you might see an error appear saying that it was not possible to connect.

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This problem does not seem to happen very frequently, but in my case, I experienced several failed attempts to connect and solved by using this common method. LonelyScreen is no longer free. Is there any way to do this without the use of hotspots or wifi? I am wanting to stream downloaded Amazon Prime videos I download to my iPhone small screen to my laptop larger screen so I can view them on an airplane no wifi. Free would be best. Thanks in advance. IconDaemon IconDaemon Why the down vote?

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I've added more precise information about how to use Quicktime Player on the Mac to capture the iDevice output into video. We've been trying to find a free app, but we've had no luck. Marcel Marcel 2.

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But apple should make this available over the air. Download and install iTools Pro on your Mac. Connect your Mac and iPhone to same network. Click on Airplayer button from iTools's windows. Wait for Airplayer to be downloaded.

Connect to Airplayer through Airplay from your iPhone. Gwa Si Gwa Si 11 2. Please see the help center regarding self-promotion and make sure you disclose if you are affiliated with a product. I'm not doing promotion or I'm not affiliated with that company. And I'm not giving any affiliated link to the website.

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