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Then, the other day, when I turned on my main machine Dragon has automagically launched and was in a working condition — on the mac using Mojave. But anyone caught in the same bind, try relaunching Dragon.

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It might now work. I never had any issues with the transition, or with it since. Never even knew about the discontinuing of the product until last night. I have been a Dragon user for 20 years since version 4, and finally with version 13 switched over to a Mac and have been horribly disappointed in the Mac version compared to the Windows version. Am I missing something?

Surely I can upload my files to this service then copy the transcription straight over into my Pages document. You can still do this — Dragon 6. I also wonder how well they would cope with things like complex vocabularies, character and place names, things you can easily train Dragon to transcribe correctly. Thanks Scott. I listened to your podcast with the Australian lady straight after writing that reply and Parallels along with Dragon15 sounds like the perfect answer.

Dear Dragon Mac friends — please help! I am trying to do as recommended and run Dragon Home 15 on my Mac via Parallels. How did you guys get yours to work?? Is the problem that I got the Home version instead of the Professional version? Could you possibly pay the difference and get the upgrade to the Professional version? From what I read, you get unlimited devices with a license. Good news! Read the update again. It installs but will not launch — crashes every time. I posted a screenshot.

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Scott, thanks for your reply! Could you send a link to the update referred to? Oh, OK, I get it now. I am also testing Voice Control Scott. I can confirm it the last update when you try to add a new word to the vocabulary it no longer crashes. I hope you are leaving Apple lots of feedback. I have. Have you figured out how to edit the correction choices? Is it not possible at this point? Yup, you can add words but they seem to have no effect on recognition accuracy.

No option to train them either. Hopefully this will change…. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Photo by Yomex Owo on Unsplash In a move that is likely to anger and dismay Mac users, Nuance has dropped a bombshell. In other words, Dragon for Mac is dead.

Looks like this is the end of the line, folks. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Scott, whichh of the virtualization programs best Immitate pc for using dragon? Also, which is the best version for ovelists of windows dragon?

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John Blair Like Like. See reply above. You mean from Mac Dragon to the PC software? Nope, afraid not. Version 6. In the Transcription Window, simply drop as many files that you need to have transcribed to the "Audio Files to Transcribe" list, and Dragon Professional Individual for Mac transcribes them all together, quickly and efficiently. Join over , subscribers.

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Dragon Dictate Screenshots. Rate this app:. Post review. Most helpful. It was a buggy, sloppy port of DNS to the Mac.

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Then they fixed some of those bugs and had the hide to charge some outrageous upgrade price shortly afterwards that truly bent the majority of their user base out of shape. At the very least they should include a big "L" sticker and a tube of lubricant in every box. To the makers of Dictate: How do you take a quality product like DNS, that Mac users have been craving for years, and turn that golden opportunity into something that consistently seems to draw the anger of your users.

Way to go Like Good program and bad customer support. Just discontinued for the Mac last week. Like 1. Tidbits just posted this info today. Needless to say, Nuance has yet to inform its users of this decision. I suspect that sales tanked after their ridiculous price increase for the last update.

Hopefully some more user centric company will step up to the plate to fill the gap. Frankly this does not come as a surprise given Nuance's abysmal support of the product and jaded history. It was one of my concerns when they took over the product from MacSpeech years ago. I have no legal experience but I would sure be pleased to join a class action lawsuit against Nuance for suckering Mac users to pay for buggy products that never worked correctly and then abandoning the product without informing their them.

If anyone has any information on anything like this happening, I would invite them to post it here on MacUpdate. Like 2.

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I have had issues previously and would be willing to participate in a class action lawsuit. No consideration for all the money received from MAC customers. Dragon Dictate has two features: 1 The best voice recognition software for dictation 2 An attempt to give you voice interface control of your computer. If you expect Dragon Dictate to do more than voice recognition, realize that any such attempt is a hack on the operating system - Windows or Mac. Voice control is not built into the major operating systems.

Text To Speech Mac Os Mojave

Our major operating systems are not built for voice control. Any complaints should be tempered with this recognition. I would recommend forgetting about using it to control your computer. Just do dictation.

For voice dictation, Dragon Dictate is simply miles ahead of the competition. And this includes: 1 Mac OS's built in voice recognition and 2 Siri. Dragon simply does a much more accurate job than Mac OS's voice recognition or Siri for dictation.