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No bugs found. Feels like complete game already. Great job! Is this a bug? Since battery is supposed to power turret during sandstorm, right? There's a bug with the towers during sandstorms. Sorry this'll be fixed in the next version! BTW, tried using the terraformer and the fertilizer factory it doesn't seem to work for me.

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The factory always have a skull in it despite already connected to a waste dump. I also had trouble with the last Sector. Eventually I just followed some guy's video on how to beat it. So it is possible.

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The min-max required by this game is great for hardcore strategy enthusiasts, but too taxing for players that aren't willing to pause every available second to maximize resources. Between waves coming immediately upon starting third mission onward , to fully charged capacitors not charging defensive structures during dust storms, this game is a grueling, brutal example of poorly balanced game mechanics. Yes i do feel like there should be a difficulty setting, i think i was only able to get through this game due to my extensive knowledge of how these types of games work. Difficulty is to high for new comers, but challenging enough some maps not at all challenging for the hardcore crowd.

I tried downloading the game but when I click "start campaign" it doesn't work. I'm on windows. I might be able to fix this bug. But in the mean time I'd suggest copying the files to your local machine and running it from there. I found that when I click on an element like the gun turrets to get info the game does a crash. Hey noticed today on the warnings the game gives you for low power etc that you seem to have the Current and Recommended around the wrong way. That's not supposed to happen.

The "show a warning" logic and the "recommended capacity" logic are probably using two different numbers. Love the game but a few things I would like to suggest 1 Allow road to be able to build over the lava. Those are all the things I have so far. All in all pretty good game so far.

Fairly well balanced and well designed levels other than sector A9 with the lack of sustainable resource mines. Haven't win once yet. Thanks for playing! Cooperative multiplayer was part of the original idea for this game.

It's a long way off many technical challenges need to be solved first but it's still on the wishlist. Hey awesome game first rts game I actually enjoyed but on the second area whe you have to place down and connect 3 mines I do that and it does not go away. This game in Alpha is already better than many on 1. Sorry about this! Gonna release a hotfix tomorrow probably? Hi, game does work. But the text is not readable. Everything works, but though playing game when there is isnt any text!

Im using Debian 10, with AMD video card. Hi there! Sorry about the text not rendering, I've had a brief look at it and I think I've found a possible solution.


I'll try make a new build tomorrow. New build is up. I changed something that might have fixed this issue but wasn't able to reproduce it.

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Let me know if it works! Second Earth. A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux. More information. Download Download second-earth-windows Version Alpha 9 26 days ago. Download second-earth-osx. Download second-earth-linux Jun 12, May 29, May 24, Mar 14, Feb 26, Comments Log in with itch. I really like the soundtrack so far, music is important part of any game. As Starship trooper fan I approve this greatly. Ability to remap keys, really I just want rotation under R.

There are still some bugs left so get your flamethrowers guys and good luck! Lightingsworth 17 hours ago.

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Couple of small gripes about the game. LVUER 2 days ago 3 edits. Hi, these are some bugs and suggestions that I found during playing the game. Hope this help: 1. You can add options so a certain truck is dedicated to certain facilities. Robbie Fraser 2 days ago. Thanks for playing and providing feedback! This is a known bug and will be fixed in the next version.

HelloDaves 2 days ago. LVUER 1 day ago 1 edit. I can't play for some reaso. Alex V. Sharp 4 days ago 1 edit. XxWhiterunGuardXx 4 days ago. Kexlar 7 days ago. Loving it so far, is there any idea of final price and what Store will sell it please?

Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri

Toletsk 7 days ago 1 edit. Thank u! Robbie Fraser 6 days ago. Coooool thanks so much for playing! Thanks for playin! Still early days, but we'd love to put it on Steam eventually.

Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri Planetary Pack

Gyde 7 days ago 1 edit. Same here. Windows froze on second level.

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Robbie Fraser 7 days ago. Gyde 1 day ago. LVUER 8 days ago. EXpertUS 8 days ago.

Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri for Mac OSX

Game is a quite hard and it took me so many tries just to complete Sector V9. HelloDaves 6 days ago 2 edits. If you pause the game while the wave is starting you cant unpause it. Oops, thanks for reporting this.